Friday, 30 January 2015

Pension funds in action

Blogging is light to non-existent currently, but here are three nuggets worth flagging up.

1.  Pretty incredible win for investors worried about climate change - Shell has recommended that shareholders vote FOR their resolution at this year's AGM. Great work by CCLA, Share Action, ClientEarth and others pushing this campaign along. Anyone know if this has happened before? (Maybe at BAA years back??)

2. Railpen, PGGM continue their struggle to bring a bit of sanity to executive pay at Oracle. The company has seen a majority of its shareholders oppose it on its 'say on pay' resolution for three consecutive years, and this is with Larry Ellison controlling 25% of the votes. If you believe that executive pay needs reining in, and that shareholders are part of the solution, you should be very worried by Oracle.

3. A useful guide to help asset owners ensure that asset managers are properly taking account of ESG issues has been produced by a group of UK pension funds. It's available on the website of West Midlands Pension Fund (one of those behind the initiative) here.

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