Thursday 1 November 2012

BSkyB AGM - as expected

So, James Murdoch has been re-elected with an approx 5% vote against, according to reports (no RNS yet). As expected, institutional shareholders backed off once again, despite the Ofcom report, DCMS committee report etc.

A small factoid to consider - if the reported level of opposition is right (with minimal abstentions, apparently), this means that he had a much tougher ride in 2008 (6% oppose, approx 13% in total not in favour) than today. That was because he moved from chief executive to chair in breach of the Corp Gov Code. (Oddly opposition to his re-election as chair fell right back by 2010 to less than 2% when a News Corp bid for BskyB was looming).

So not being an independent chair was more important on appointment than when a bid was in the offing, and being re-elected was easier after being critcised by both Parliament and your industry's regulatory body.

Pick the bones out of that one, as they say.

UPDATE - AGM results here. Two other directors - DeVoe & Siskind - got higher votes against than James Murdoch. Neither criticised by Parliament and Ofcom as far as I am aware....

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