Saturday, 14 June 2008


Paulie at Never Trust A Hippy has tagged me with one of them blog meme things.

"Which three bloggers do you agree with on almost everything? Pick one that most closely mirrors your own personal philosophy, one that most closely mirrors your politics and one that offers the most consistently attractive analysis."

This is actually really difficult, as I like quite a lot of different blogs for different reasons. Quite few of them I read because I don't agree with them. But I'll have a go.

Politics: Probably Snowflake5. I can't think of much she has written that I disagree with, plus one of the few Labour supporting bloggers who understands why Polly Toynbee is wrong on executive pay.

Analysis: Stumbling And Mumbling. To be honest I'm going to be receptive to a blog that is comfortable with and informed about markets, but comes at issues from the Left.

Philosophy: I honestly can't think of one here. If there is a blog out there that consistently argues that much/most of our 'knowledge' is narrative-based, that our psychological make-up probably significantly affects the type of ideas we are attracted to, that our deep-rooted biases make the idea that we can or even want to be objective rather questionable, and that given all the above it is amazing that anything involving humans ever works properly, then I vote for that one.

And in turn I'm going to tag:

Tom Freeman
Nick Drew at Capitalists @ Work


snowflake5 said...

Thanks for the mention! And, um, the tag :-)

Nick Drew said...

OK, I've bitten

Tom Powdrill said...

bask in your blogging glory!

Nick Drew said...

oo you callin' a basker ?