Wednesday, 14 September 2011

So, James Murdoch

Are there any other examples of FTSE100 chairs being recalled before parliament because their former colleagues explicitly queried their previous evidence? Don't think this happened with the banks for example, though there was an exchange of letters over Fred Goodwin's pension!

Anyway, I think we might conclude that the only reason he still has his News Corp and BSkyB jobs is his surname. I told you he was a wrong 'un.

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Robert said...

Yes he was a wrong un, can we see another Robert Maxwell, nope pity, I'll get the boat.

But sadly for people these money men will always come up and I'm sure now somebody is planning to have a New News of the World. I suspect the sun to produce a Sunday paper, and I suspect the top men are planning to get their own back, perhaps phone tapping, nope ah well..