Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Leader's speech, simple points

1. Ed does not have the X-Factor, as is obvious to anyone being honest with themself. You can argue that it doesn't really matter, but thems the breaks.

2. The delivery was very earnest, the jokes were a bit lame (apart from one decent Clegg jibe, but that's shooting fish in a barrel), and the speech was too long.

3. There was a LOT on business responsibility. Personally I find this stuff very interesting, I'm not sure the punters do. And Ed can't really be surprised by the reaction.

4. There were some genuinely good lines in there. I found the line about the rungs on the ladder getting further apart very resonant. Also good line about the Tories only see CEOs as 'wealth creators' - though I would have given a nod to the public sector here too. The can't trust the Tories line worked very well too.

5. This was quite an 'ambitious' speech, suggesting as it did that we need to make a significant break with the recent past. But I am not at all sure that this is a) a message the public is receptive to or b) that we can really pull off. Maybe I'm not ambitious enough.

6. I voted for the other brother, and still think he was the better choice. But I wish our Blairite colleagues would shut the fcuk up for at least a grace period. There is a time for open and honest reflection on our leader's qualities, but I would politely suggest that this isn't in public immediately after his conference speech.

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