Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bits, bobs & bye

I'm off on holiday for a week tomorrow, so posting will be non-existent.

A few things before I go. Remember the story in Alistair Darling's book about the banker threatening not to buy bonds (think I've got that right)? Apparently it was Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase. Bizarrely this is the bank that has also slung some serious wedge at a certain former Labour Prime Minister.

Secondly, worth noting that the 'Nudge' unit has published a report on activities which garnered some positive FT coverage (Hat-tip MC). From what my chum tells me, the unit isn't held in particularly high regard by senior officials, so this might be a bit of defensive spin. I expect the biggest success of 'nudging' to be NEST. But that was in place before the Coalition. However changes to rules on organ donations (you will now have to state what you want to do, so it falls short of a NEST-style opt-out) should make a difference I reckon.

Finally, lots of noise from Vince Cable on pay today, but check Sky man Mark Kleineman's tweets here. Disclosure of pay ratios may be off the table, but further action on clawback possible. He says the expected BIS discussion doc on exec pay is about to appear. He got all the details early of the first stab at short-termism by BIS, so he's probably been well briefed.

And that's that...

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