Saturday, 3 September 2011

Request for info

Does anyone out there know anything about a body called the City Company Law Committee? The name crops up in the debate about the Bullock report on industrial democracy. Apparently the Committee issued a report on employee representation before Bullock reported, and made a response to it too. The latter document (which I have been unable to get hold of) appears to have stressed a pretty traditional view - shareholders take the right so must have primary control rights - even when this was clearly out if tune with reality. But I am basing this thumbnail on very brief excerpts reported in old academic article etc.

For info it appears that the Committee was set up by the Bank in 1975. Notably the Bank also set up the Institutional Shareholders Committee (now staggering on under the new name the Institutional Investor Committee) in 1973. So I wonder whether this was part of a conscious attempt to rehabilitate the 'shareholders are owners' approach to governance? Might make sense given that we know this was a period when the intellectual spadework forth New Right was well underway.

So any info about the Committee and where it is now (could have continued under another name) much appreciated. Happy to put up a guest postvif anyone has a lot of info.

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