Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Votes on Persimmon remuneration report

I'm not sure anyone has looked at individual investor voting decisions on the remuneration report at Persimmon's AGM back in April, so I thought I'd take a look. As people may remember, there was a large vote against the rem report, and abstentions and oppose votes were far greater than those for. But on a straight for/oppose split the company "won" roughly 52% to 48% (full results here).

I actually can't find that many disclosed voted as a number of managers disclose by quarter, and we're still in Q2. But of the ones I can find there are some interesting ones.

In the US CalPERS and CalSTRS both opposed.

As did NBIM, the investment arm of the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund

But in the Netherlands ABP/APG and PGGM both abstained

Amongst asset managers I can see that BMO, LGIM and Janus Henderson vote for

Whereas Schroders and Robeco opposed

And Natixis abstained

I'll post up more as I find them.

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