Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Unions and public policy

Just a few links to some recent bits and pieces related to rebuilding unions. I am hopeful that the public policy discussion is moving on from simply observing that the decline in union density is correlated with rising inequality (and related issues), to thinking about what we might do to reverse it.

1. Most significant is this IPPR report which has all kinds of ideas about how we can help unions to be a significant force at work again.

2. An interesting economics blog again concluding that stronger unions would be good thing.

3. Stick with me... a piece by Nick Denys from Tory Workers on a Modern Employment Act in this CPS (!) pamphlet. I flag this up to show that there are thinking Tories who do think unions are a good thing (though they obviously don't like the Labour link). There's not a load on offer here, but I think it's interesting that something like this has made it into print.

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