Monday, 4 April 2011

In the spirit of Harry Hill...

Pointless Voting Disclosure Of The Week

This week's PVDOTW comes via State Street, one of the biggest asset managers in the world so a significant 'owner'. You can access its corp gov section here. State Street's most recently disclosed voting is for Q4 2010. It reports by exception, so votes against only, and below I've posted the totality of its report on the UK for Q4 (page 23 of the PDF if you want to check):
Err... that's it. Unless I've missed something, those four letters are the entire voting report for one quarter for the UK. So what, I hear you say, we know that they voted for everything, isn't that enough? Well it would be, if we knew what they held during the period, but we don't. And without that information we can't compare their voting with others. And the really odd thing about it is that previously they put their whole voting record up, because somewhere or other I've got their voting for the whole of 2008 in one file. Ho hum.

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