Friday, 22 October 2010

Lib Dems vs unions

I understand that people have different views on the merits or otherwise of trade unions. But I always thought that liberals accepted them as a (voluntary and democratic) force for justice at work. I advise any union member who still sees the LDs as on their side or even (chuckle) more progressive than Labour to keep an eye on LibDemVoice, where attitudes towards TIGMOO have become notably chillier post-election.

Part of this is the inevitable Rightwards shift of the Lib Dems (this is partly being forced on them by the Tories, partly being actively pursued by their own Right). But I still find comments like the following on their latest 'scary unions' post rather hard to swallow, particularly given very recent history:
"unions are a special interest group, just like bankers."

"The TUC, The Co-op Bank & The Labour Party are all part of the same thing. The situation has many parallels with that in China or Cuba."
Also check out the comments from LD supporters saying they are quitting unions because the unions are mobilising against those pusing through cuts.

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Steven_L said...

But the new government are still promising to spend a touch more next year than Labour were promising to spend next year in their 2008 budget.

The only difference is that it is now even less funded as tax receipts have fallen considerably due to the credit/property bubble bursting.

Surely your union sympathies don't blind you to the fact that the economy is completely and utterley screwed and all of the politicans (and TU leaders) are talking out of their backsides?