Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Labour thinking on ownership issues

I posted back in April about some of the things Labour had proposed in its election manifesto in April. Just a few recaps these included tweaking company law to encourage long-termism, considering greater shareholder powers in respect of remuneration, disclosure of shareholder voting records, reviewing the takeover regime and looking at other issues in respect of company ownership. Arguably quite an ambitious package, but in my opinion a cohesive one, and Labour seemed to have the most thought through policies in this area.

More recently (ie post-election) the idea has been floated within Labour circles of employee representation on remuneration committees, and perhaps disclosure of pay ratios within companies. Both good ideas in my view and worthing seeing if the Coalition nicks any of them.


james said...

I found it interesting that Lord Ashcroft's survey of swing voters compared to Labour movement peeps (intended to show how out of touch we are, presumably) found that both groups strongly agreed with the statement "Private company boards should have to include representatives of their workforce to ensure that workers have a voice in the key decisions affecting them"...


Tom Powdrill said...

wow - hadn't spotted that, thanks.