Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I'm feeling brain dead

So in lieu of writing summink myself, here's a nice bit from the preface to a short primer (so really the most basic, simpleton's précised version of his ideas possible!) on Pierre Bourdieu that I bought because of this post.
[L]inguistic and cultural production, despite what they might claim to be, are not concerned with truth or reason (or the sublime, or beauty) . What is at stake is primarily belief, the consecration of utterances as legitimate and/or true. The criterian of argumentation of proof that are invoked during this process are arbitrary - defined within and by the field in question - and only apparently disinterested. The legitimation of utterances is a product of the power, authority and reputation of their author(s) in the field in question. This epistemic power is both means and end in the competitive struggles - analogised by Bourdieu as games - which characterise any field, and is constructed using a range of capitals: economic, cultural, linguistic, symbolic and social. These varied forms of capital are similarly means and ends in strategies that carry forward the pursuit of distinction within the field.

I'm only about a third of the way through this, but it clearly looks like it will get into the issue that I briefly blogged very briefly about (a bit more here) last year - the legitimation of ideas.


Peter Shield said...

Why does it take post-modernists a book to say what could be said in a sentence after a pint of two of brain stimulating beverage?

Harry Barnes said...

Labour : What Is To Be Done? See -

d_netzz said...

Have you come across Boltanski and Chiapello's "The New Spirit of Capitalism" yet?
You should find lots on the legitimation of ideas in there. Also, "On Justification" by Boltanski and Thevenot could help:

Tom Powdrill said...

Oooh some great book tips there - thanks!