Thursday, 23 October 2008


This is a random request for info. Has anyone read anything anywhere about the process of legitimation of ideas? It is something that a) I find really interesting and b) think the Left could have a look at in terms of being more effective in getting it's arguments across.

Reading and Googling around I've come across some stuff by Jurgen Habermas, but this seems primarily about the legitimation of power - and potential crisis in its legitimation, rather than the legitimation of ideas (though obviously the two are linked).

Any ideas?


Charlie Marks said...

I hear Slavoj Zizek's doing a series on Channel 4 some time soon called The Pervert's Guide to Ideology...

No, I've no ideas!

Nick Drew said...

Legitimation of ideas sounds interesting

start a hare running, Tom, and we'll all join the chase