Sunday, 7 September 2008

One reason the Democrats should be less worried about Palin

Simon Heffer is talking her up. There are some political commentators on the Right I can take seriously. But I've noticed over the years that Simon Heffer's political judgment is unerringly awful. Last year he was sticking the boot into Cameron as not up to the job and saying the Tories had massively underestimated Brown. I should have known at the time we were in trouble. If I remember right he also predicted that UKIP would make a big impact in the 2005 election. So there's a sort of Heffer's Law at work - his endorsement is the kiss of death.

I think the jury is still out on Palin, much as excitable Rightie bloggers would have us believe that her speech has somehow tranformed American politics. Remember what they said about David Davis (and no prizes for guessing what Simon Heffer's view was on that revolution of a campaign that has already caused the history books to be rewritten). She might be sassy and attractive, but she's also inexperienced and on the harder edge of the Republican party. As VP she would be one heart attack away from having her finger on the button, a thought that must strike many US voters and that I think will ultimately play against her.

Let's see if Heffer's Law is in operation again.

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