Monday, 29 September 2008

Celebrity shock!

Totally off-topic, but whilst flicking through the channels on the TV in the hotel room the other night I stumbled on Brainiac (kind of Tiswas does science if you haven't seen it). I only caught the end of it, but it featured a bit where some D-list mate of Callum Best was given increasingly large electric shocks to see if he could take them. Nope, it wasn't an updated version of that famous experiment on authority and obedience, they were really giving him increasingly large electric shocks. And to be fair to the bloke, he took all they could throw at him. They finished up with a trailer for the next edition of the show where the same experiment was to be carried out on Vanessa Feltz. It was so tragic I couldn't stop laughing. If 'celebrities' are now allowing themselves to be electrocuted in exchange for a minute or two of airtime is it even possible to parody them anymore?

I'm not kidding by the way. Here is The Lovely Debbie McGee being fried (there's also a few glorious seconds of Neil Hamilton in the chair).

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Charlie Marks said...

Best tv programme on at the moment is Saturday afternoon BBC oddity "Hole In The Wall" presented by Dale Winton.

Two teams of celebs compete and the game is this: they have to jump though a person-shaped hole in a wall that rushes towards them, or else be knocked into a swimming pool. No, really. This week, Vanessa got soaked. Oh how I laughed - and that was just the ridiculous silver jumpsuits the celebs have to wear!