Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Tories trouser another £30k from Fidelity

"Generally non-partisan" fund manager Fidelity gave the Tories a further £30,000 in April this year, according to the Electoral Commission website:

Conservative And Unionist Party [The]
Conservative Central Office

Fidelity Investment Management
status: Company
company reg no: 02349713

Oakhill House
130 Tonbridge Road
TN11 9DZ


£ 30,000.00

(have a go yourself here).

That makes it almost £400,000 Fidelity has given to the Tories in the past few years. The company rather bizarrely claims that it is non-partisan, despite admitting it has only donated money to the Tories. Needless to say it creates something of a conflict of interest when the company is pitching to Tory-controlled local authorities. I can't imagine Labour-controlled authorities employing Fidelity wil be best pleased!

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