Tuesday, 14 August 2007

They're gonna come for your pensions 2

One to keep a look out for on Friday. From Professional Pensions website (the pic is my idea...).

Conservative Party set to publish pension review
by Jenna Towler 14-08-2007
THE Conservative Party is set to publish a wholesale review of pensions policy and economic competitiveness later this week.

John Redwood – the chairman of the political party’s Chairman of the Economic Competitiveness Policy Group – is expected to unveil plans to encourage greater retirement saving through the protection of final salary pension schemes.

It is understood the Tories want to help companies keep defined benefit schemes running and reopen schemes that have been closed in the past.

Redwood – a minister in the last Conservative government - will publish full proposals to boost Britain's economic competitiveness and plans to boost savings across the board on Friday.

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