Tuesday, 7 August 2007

More on overseas ownership

I wrote previously about the shifting nature of share-ownership and the growing role of overseas investors in UK companies. I thought I would come back to this for a couple of reasons. First, there's a wail in the Mail (scroll down a bit) today about ICI being taken over by Akzo Nobel. Secondly I spotted this bit on the Thomsons investment management news website about Chinese insurers being requirted to invest in blue chip companies overseas.

So I'd thought I'd look in more detail at the stats the ONS put out recently. Here is the full report. Some interesting points in there include -

* Individual investors favour financial companies, and really don't like UK manufacturing companies (pages 14 & 15).

* Overseas investors have their ownership conncentrated in the largest companies (eg FTSE100). That's where they put 83.1% of their investments. Overseas investors therefore own a higher proportion of the FTSE100 than the UK market as a whole - this now totals a whopping 43%. (pages 16 & 17).

* North America and Europe account for a broadly similar proportion of overseas investment in UK companies - 33% and 30% respectively. Asia isn't miles behind at 19%. Africa accounts for 13% which I assume is driven by South Africa. (page 20).

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