Sunday, 18 March 2007

Now That's What I Call Political Music 1

A random collection of political tunes. Apologies that it is bit skewed by my age and tendency to go for shouty punky or beaty electronic stuff. Any suggested additions welcome, unless it's weedy hippy stuff!

Sorry too that it's all a bit 'revolutionary', but there just aren't that many good politico songs about mixed economies. If someone does a decent New Rave version of We Shall Overcome rest assured I will add it to the list.

Rise - Public Image Limited
Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury - Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
Swastika Eyes - Primal Scream
Stand Down Margaret - The Beat
Black White - Asian Dub Foundation
Music Has No Meaning - Consolidated
Make Way For A Panther - Paris
Age Of Panic - Senser
Between The Wars - Billy Bragg
It Doesn't Make It Alright - The Specials
Revolution Action - Atari Teenage Riot
Rock The Nation - Michael Frant & Spearhead
Holiday In Cambodia - DKs
Racemixer - P.O.W.E.R
Burning Too - Fugazi
(Give Me All Your) Money - Radio 4
We Want Your Soul - Adam Freeland
Microwaved - Pitchshifter
Pardon My Freedom - !!!

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doomer said...

A few to add?

Fugazi - 5 Corporations
Inner Surge - Branding the Muse & When the Door Locks
Dead Prez - 'They' Schools
Amen - Money Infection

Great list you have!