Sunday, 18 March 2007

Do the Sainsbury's pension fund trustees hold the key to a potential bid?

There's an excellent bit on Robert Peston's blog on the Beeb site about the role the trustees of the Sainsbury's pension scheme will play in any private equity bid. As so often, trustees - many of whom are trade union members - have a lot more power than is typically recognised. Does USDAW have anyone on the Sainsbury's fund? If so they ought to be talking to them asap.


davezac said...

Hi Tom

Usdaw is onto it already. I have passed this onto Peter Hartt who is a member of the pensions team.

Tom P said...

Hi Dave

That's great to hear. If there's anything you want me to plug on here about it just let me know.

Here's a short piece from the Indie about how the WH Smiths trustees and the private equity bid they faced. Very similar scenario.


Anonymous said...

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