Saturday, 26 January 2019

BlackRock short position in AA Plc

I find this weirdly fascinating. At 4.61% Blackrock's short in AA Plc is by far its largest current short position. The second largest is half the size - 2.26% in Go-Ahead Group. And it's been steadily heading up over the past year.

I think it's Blackrock's largest short in a UK stock since the FCA has started disclosing major short positions. It is now larger than the peak short position it had in Carillion (4.4%). Mitie is the only other company where it has taken a position anywhere near this large (that peaked at 3.8%) according to the FCA historical shorts list.

It's the largest current short in AA Plc held by any manager and by a long way. (Big shorts total 9.14%, but there are bound to be more below 0.5%)

It's also one of the largest current short positions held by any manager in any UK stocks.

Ho hum.

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