Wednesday, 28 August 2013

GSK cut & paste

The Competition Commission has published (here) all the responses received to its 'provision decision on remedies', or, in ordinary language, the proposals it has settled on. Reading  through the responses you get the sense of the corporate establishment (to borrow a phrase) standing athwart history, shouting "stop".

My interest is whether there has been any more cut & paste going on in consultation responses. I had hoped we might shame PLCs into at least writing their own responses, especially after The Indie picked up on what was going on. Certainly a few of the PLC names I usually look out for don't seem to have photocopied the GC100 talking points this time, but there is one exception.

Compare what GSK has to say with the GC100. I can't cut and paste from these two doc currently, but look at the text on mandatory tendering and look out for the phrase... ahem.... "risk adverse box ticking". Or look at the last sentence of the responses to remedy 4 where both the GC100 and GSK question "do not understand" how a shareholder vote on audit committee reports would "promote increased competition in the audit market".

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