Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cut & paste lobbying links

LAST UPDATE: 15/8/13

In case anyone else is interested in following this stuff up, here is a bunch of links to my previous blogs, and (where still available) directly to responses that have similarities.

Blog on PLC responses to BIS consultations on exec pay.
Blog on PLC responses to Competition Commission work on audit.
Blogs on IIC/mandatory rotation/"costly and disruptive" here, here and here.
Blogs on FRC consultations, here, here and here.

Unfortunately it's not possible to link directly to the submissions to the BIS consultations, where there were loads of generic responses on the exec pay reforms, but I have the PDFs if anyone is interested. I'll update the list below and re-post each time I find something new. 

Competition Commission audit provisional findings
GC100 submission
GSK response
SABMiller response

FRC Corp Gov Code/Audit Comm/Stew Code consultation (2012)
Hundred Groups response (all three)
Rolls Royce response

GC100 (all three)
BT response (all three)

ICGN (CG Code & Audit Comms)

IMA (CG Code & Audit Comms)
ICAEW (all three)

ICGN (Stew Code)
Hermes (Stew Code)

FRC Corp Gov Code (2010)

APB auditors and non-audit work (2009)
GC100 submission
Severn Trent
Standard Life Plc/Standard Life Investments

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