Thursday, 18 April 2013

Quick links

Blogging light to non-existent due to AGM season, so here are a few things I saw elsewhere.

1. Worth checking out the High Pay Centre blog for speeches from this week's event. Following it on Twitter it was notable that there was quite a bit of sceptical comment about incentive schemes, LTIPs in particular and variable pay in general. RLAM's Robert Talbut said that variable pay should be a smaller proportion than it is (but easier to get!). I do wonder if the supertanker is starting to turn.

2. A quick AGM result - Hunting PLC scored a 22% vote against its rem report. Still early days, obviously, but not many notable votes so far.

3. A couple of LAPFF initiatives - Astrazeneca (Golden Hello) and National Express (labour standards). 

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