Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Interesting votes

1. Creston. The rather bland RNS announcement might make you think nothing of note happened, but one resolution wasn't proposed or voted one. It turns out that resolution was seeking authority to amend an LTIP. Looks like they pulled it because they were going to lose.

2. Ashtead. Big vote against the rem report, and if you add in abstains it's a pretty small majority vote in favour.

3. Quintain. Big vote against the rem report and a bigger one the rem committee chair (who oddly was elected as both a director AND chair of the rem committee, with the vote against the latter position much larger). Also interesting to note our old chums Caledonia have a big stake (10%) and a seat on the board.

1 comment:

Alan Brett said...

Not only that, but the results from Quintain do not comply with D.2.2. of the Combined Code as neither the total numbers of proxies nor the number of abstentions have been disclosed. I wonder if there will be an explanation in next years annual report?