Wednesday, 22 September 2010

BIS review of short-termism etc

Apologies for lack of recent posts, due to being ill and being at the Lib Dem conf (not connected).

Well, didn't I say that left-leaning Lib Dems ought to keep an eye on BIS? Vince Cable has got stuck into... err.... capitalism today in a way that will no doubt rouse the Lib Dem faithful. Interesting stuff and, surprise, the actual proposals are somewhat more modest than the language employed today might lead you to expect.
The Government will launch a comprehensive consultation in the autumn. Areas it may cover include:

What drives market short-termism?
Do boards set out their long-term objectives sufficiently clearly?
How can we encourage shareholders to become more engaged in the company’s future?
Do shareholders have sufficient opportunity to vote on takeover bids?
Do target boards do enough to consider whether the bid represents value for their shareholders in the long-term?
Does the way in which directors are paid unduly encourage takeover activity?

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