Monday, 21 December 2009

Rage Against My Age


There are a lot of reasons NOT to think that the campaign to get Killing In the Name to number one for xmas is a good thing. It's a pretty empty gesture, it smacks more than a bit of musical snobbery, you could just give your money to charity if you want to make a worthwhile point and so on. But let's be honest, they're all rubbish reasons really given the result, aren't they?

Much as I want to be sensible and level-headed about this bizarre 'campaign' I can't get away from the fact that a pretty decent song by a band who are very political (though never been a big fan to be honest) stopped yet another manufactured pop 'sensation' from being number one at xmas. As limited a gesture as it is I can help but feel a little happier because RATM won. I still can't resist the idea that it's a bit of a two fingers, not just to Simon "walking fart cloud of bad taste"* Cowell, but also to rubbish xmas singles generally.

Of course the really sad thing about it is that many of the copies of the RATM track will have been downloaded (let's be realistic!) by middle-aged blokes thinking they are "keeping it real" by preventing teeny pop fans from getting their favourite to the top of the charts at xmas. To which I plead guilty.

* (c) Charlie Brooker

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