Friday, 4 December 2009

Bits & pieces

Apologies to my regular reader (hello Mum!) for the lack of posting. I have spent the past few days at the LAPFF annual conference in Bournemouth. Lots of interesting stuff on the agenda and I think at a day and a half it's probably the most comprehensive conference of its type in the UK.

I'll probably post up some thoughts over the weekend, but just to say that Bob Monks was very good as usual, and I hope I'm that intelligent, enthusiastic and engaged when I'm 76! He was also very positive about what Paul Myners has been trying to achieve.

Anyway, whilst I've been away obviously there has been quite a lot of noise about bonuses. Chris Dillow has a great post on the subject with lots of interesting links in it.

Also hat-tip to Duncan for alerting me to an interesting piece by Pesto on ownership.

And there's a good bit on the Other TPA about the Higher Rate TPA's public sector rich list. Interesting to see how the banks skew the results, yet they still use a year on year comparison.


Anonymous said...

Everything comes if a man will only wait........................................

Jonathan said...

Just to say you do have more than one regular reader!