Friday, 13 November 2009

Spot on

"To date, institutional investors have said little about the lessons they have learnt over the last two years. Put simply, they have not produced satisfactory answers to the question ‘what were the owners of these banks doing?’ Remember that shareholders approved value-destroying transactions, and remuneration practices that now appear to have been poorly aligned with corporate health and shareholder wealth. I expect institutional investors, on behalf of their clients, to be much more challenging in the future than they have in the past, but I wonder whether their clients have similar increased expectation and have reflected this in their manager dispositions and incentives."

"The unitary board and Combined Code assume that shareholders will act as informed and value-pursuing investors. A failure by fund managers to act in this way, or to be required to do so by their clients, raises questions about the underlying foundations of the unitary board and Combined Code. Sir David Walker will need to give this careful consideration."


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