Monday, 9 November 2009


Paul Myners once again came out with some interesting comments today, when he spoke in response to the Asset Management Working Group report. This bit in particular caught my eye:
If fund managers show no wish to act in the way economic theory tells us we should expect owners to do then we will have to ask whether core assumptions that underpin the unitary board and the Combined Code accord with reality. The concept, for instance, of ‘comply or explain’ clearly assumes investors acting as informed owners, engaging with the unitary board; not an assumption that sits entirely comfortably with the behaviours of many fund managers that has enabled the emergence of the ‘ownerless corporation’. This is a significant issue for Sir David Walker to address – have we assumed more from fund managers than they are in practice willing and able to deliver? If so, how do we address this governance deficit? To whom should the unitary board account if shareholders are not willing to fulfil the role?

Needless to say I think that nails it. I think the fund management industry risks a lot by not taking the governance question seriously. And to be honest I'm not sure the AMWG report takes us any further forward given that the comments on engagement seem to correspond very closely to the views expressed by the IMA. Be careful what you wish for.

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