Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fidelity is still funding the Tories

I had thought that Fidelity had stopped funding the Tories. Afterall, if you search for 'Fidelity' in the Electoral Commission register of donations the last entry is for £30K in May last year.

But this week, whilst looking at something completely different, I stumbled across the fact that they are indeed still funding the Dark Side, only they don't use the name 'Fidelity' anymore, the cheeky scamps!

Try searching the register for 'FIL'. You should pick up a donation from FIL Investment Management for £30K in September last year, and a further £25K this June. The address is clearly Fidelity's address, and, if you need more proof, the company registration number - 2349713 - is the same.

That takes Fidelity's total donations to the Tories since April 2004 to £550,000.

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