Friday, 11 September 2009

And this!

1. Post on the new Unison blog UnisonActive about tackling exec pay from a workers' capital perspective. Hat-tip: Mr Gray (The UK's Number 1 union blogger!)

2. This year's TUC Pensionswatch report. The usual wheezes for boosting directors' retirement income are set out - better accrual rates in DB schemes, much higher contribution rates in DC schemes, top-ups to offset tax changes, and whopping payments in lieu for directors without pensions. By far the most generous pension provision in the UK.   


Mark Still News said...

Directors should be eradicated through Nationalisation and workers co-operatives and then replaced by democratically elected candidates from the working classes paid a maximum of £40,000 per year!

Unison leadership are so arrogant by keep funding the Labour party that does very little for its members, perhaps they should only sponsor MP's that support UNISON policies?

Mark Still News said...

The money system is the cause of poverty and one great big con trick!

Through a scientific fair quality robust system, we would be working for an improved environment and quality living reaping the rewards seeing the environment improve and people less stressed through worrying about money!