Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What's the point of Janet Daley?

I know it's only a blog, but this reads like she fell asleep in 1997 and has only just woken up.

The people who are most often the victims of crime - who must live with the threat and the consequences of it on a daily basis - are the poor. Most of the gang terror, the stabbings and the assaults that take place in Britain are inflicted by the deprived on the deprived. Which is why the Left-liberal “soft” attitude to crime and punishment is so wickedly irresponsible. In the smug affluent drawing rooms where the hunger for retribution is deplored (or dismissed as “moral panic”) there is almost complete
ignorance of what life is like on the sink council estates whose violence and anti-social behaviour turn the young into criminal apprentices from the outset, and make the elderly prisoners in their own homes.

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Charlie Marks said...

Is she related to Arthur Daley?