Thursday, 6 August 2009

Odds & sods

1. Best headline and newstory of the day.

2. Most people have probably seen Chris Dillow's piece on Myners and ownership, but if not it's here.

3. In a smilar vein, Hugh at Responsible investor about incentivising long-termism.

4. Meant to link to this post on speculation and oil prices by Nick @ The Capitalists a while back, so here it is. One to keep an eye on (CFTC doesn't seem to have reported yet).

5. An old (2002) but well interesting paper (PDF) on the idea of ownership as applied to companies.

6. A new study has found that most charities don't apply any kind of SRI policy.

7. Something else I meant to link to ages ago - UNPRI docs on socially responsible private equity (no sniggering from GMB members please).


Nick Drew said...

hope I'm filed under the Odds ...

zedman said...

1. Marriage has always struck me as a bit of rollercoaster ride anyway. Now there is proof it's true.
2. Multiple share classes lead to arbitrage opportunities. Always a good thing in my book ;_)
3. I think the link is broken on this one. Or maybe it's just me.