Sunday, 29 March 2009

What's the Tory link to The Times' Myners obsession?

Even though most of the press seems to have concluded that The Times coverage what Paul Myners did before being apointed City minister is a non-story, The Thunderer has ploughed on alone. But there's a dangling thread in today's story about the Ermitage hedge fund that someone should pull at. Look at this:

A spokesman for Caledonia Investments, which owns 40% of Ermitage, said Myners’s shares had been sold since January.

This should set alarm bells ringing straight away if you know anything about the Tory-City interface. Caledonia Investments - an investment trust - is one of the last remaining public companies to ignore best practice and spend shareholders' money on partisan political donations. At its last two AGM it has passed resolutions (easily doable because there is a controlling shareholder) seeking authority to give shareholders' money to the Tories. I mean directly to the Tories, not even via a think-tank or front organisation. And its AGM circulars for the past two years have included a rant about the need to cut the level of public spending.

And then have a look over at the list of Higher Rate Taxpayers' Alliance business supporters -
Tim Ingram, Chief Executive, Caledonia Investments

Given this background, what do you think Caledonia's view might be on clamping down on tax havens?

Anyone want to take a guess at who might be feeding The Times info for their stories? And is there any enterprising journo out there willing to have a dig around?

P.S. I've covered Caledonia a bit in the past. Click on the label to pull up previous (s)tories.

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