Tuesday, 17 March 2009

For your reading pleasure

1. More on Fred's pension. Two local authority pension funds (not fund managers you notice) have decided to see if they can take legal action to claw the pension back. Meanwhile Myners has done a decent job defending himself in front of the Treasury select committee, and was asked about legal action. He said it might target the RBS board.

2. Some interesting historical parallels in terms of stockmarket movements over at Socialist Economic Bulletin.

3. Barclays still looks like it's having problems according to lots of people. iShares is up for sale, what about BGI? And why would a financial institution apparently sound need to raise cash by flogging off the family silver?

4. Another great post looking at the real nature of the TPA. Look at how often the TPA is getting (critically) blogged about now (including by me, obvously!). Why is it that the mainstream media fail to acknowledge the ideological alignment of the TPA?

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