Tuesday, 3 February 2009

TaxAvoiders' Alliance

Just spotted this. Rather amooosing.


CityUnslicker said...

yes and no. Avoidance is rather the point. I liked their reply to Draper.

Tom P said...

yeah actually having read all the back and forth I agree that there's a bit of muddled thinking in there. but I'm not (surprise surprise) a big fan of the TPA.

I was also wondering whether the TPA gets any donations from listed companies. only I noticed that one of its business supporters is the chief exec of a company - Caledonia Investments - which spends shareholders' money funding the Tories. I wouldn't want to think that a bit of my pension is likewise being used up supporting a libertarian campaign group.

Nick Drew said...

Tom, if Draper is the best the Labour Party can muster, there'll be plenty more amooosing exchanges between now and the next election

give me JP any time

Tom P said...

I might have to take to the trenches myself!