Friday, 16 January 2009


I'm being a rubbish blogger this week to to a mixture of work and pre-parenthood pressures. Just a few snippets today.

First up, Bellway looks like it has raised the white flag in its fight with investors over awarding its directors bonsues despite poor performance. I can't find the poll results of the AGM (maybe they lost the rem vote?) but they have put out the following:
The Board has noted shareholders' views on the Report of the Board on Directors' Remuneration and believes it was wrong in not consulting with major shareholders earlier. It therefore proposes to review future policy on this matter, in consultation with them, in the coming months.

This LSE research on the shorting ban (PDF) looks interesting from a techie perspective.

And finally yet another Minsky quote. This one stuck out because of this post on Touchstone before xmas.
[R]elative prices are the result of how market power over price is exercised; in a world in which firms have market power, the "optimality" of market-determined prices is a figment of the imagination of neoclassical economists.

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