Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Is Osborne in serious trouble?

Things aren't getting any better for hopeless millionaire shadow chancellor George "rubbish" Osborne, as former Bullingdon Club chum Nat Rothschild isn't backing down. In retrospect, Osborne looks a bit daft for putting out that Clinton/Beckham style denial yesterday since it only made him look more shifty. And the whole episode comes across as pretty seedy since most of us don't spend our time on yachts trying to get £50k out of a billionaire.

Clearly the Right of the Conservative Party don't like Osborne for some reason, so he's taking fire from his own side too. Tebbit knows exactly what impact he will have by having a pop today, for instance. But if he becomes a public relations problem for the Cameroons what value does he actually have?

So in a sense it would almost be good news if he stays, as he brings a nice seedy super-rich thing to the Tory front bench. On the other hand, if he goes that's one half of the dynamic duo out of action, and the simplistic narrative that Dave and George are the Tories' Blair and Brown is also knackered. So it's a bit of a win-win at the moment.

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