Thursday, 7 August 2008

When bloggertarians attack!

I've just noticed that a rather foam-mouthed commentator on the Telegraph (which kindly linked here) has chosen to really get into the detail of my views on Nudge:

obviously a total arse

the very antithesis of liberal, libertarian or even likeable.

Sod off, Tom At Labour And Capital and your big ideas about behavioural changes. You want to live in a panopticon kindergarten, go do it somewhere else, you arse.

Also, hard not to notice that wise Tom is a typical non-jobber. TUC official, now working in "corporate governance" consultancy. No wonder he's so totally devoid of a clue.

He's apparently ticked off because I said libertarianism isn't a big deal in UK politics. My bad.


Charlie Marks said...

Bad boy! Better get back to the non-job job, then Tom(!)

The reasons why libertarianism isn't a big deal is because, rather like the US Republican Party, the Tories have mixed social conservatism with economic conservatism. Given Gove's speech this week blaming lad mags, you can see this isn't likely to change.

Tom P said...

I'm a bit old school about this. I think if you have to resort to insults and personal attacks then your argument can't be that strong. It doesn't take much effort to take a deep breath before you post.

You're right about the Right. So-called libertarianism seems to only run so far.

John Miles said...

Tom - check your emails! :)

Tom P said...

Hi John

Will do!