Thursday, 22 May 2008

Fidelity bungs the Tories another £30k

I am so glad we moved our ISA...‘Generally non-partisan’ fund manager Fidelity gave the Conservative Party another £30,000 this March, just in time for the elections. That takes the bung-o-meter up to £465,500 since 2004. It would be interesting to see if any Labour or Lib Dem councillors that lost their seats recently represented areas whose pension funds employ Fidelity.

As usual search under ‘Fidelity’ on this page:

Just as a reminder, Fidelity told me (when we were still Fidelity customers) that these donations are part of their political engagement. But they only make donations to the Tories. Plus they host the Tory business liasion group the Enterprise Forum, and employ a Tory MP as a consultant on financial services.

They still haven't disclosed how they voted at the Caledonia Investments AGM last year where the company sought authority to make donations of up to £60k to the Tories. Given Fidelity's partisan stance, if I were a betting man I would put a few quid on them having given the resolution the thumbs up.

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