Thursday, 15 May 2008

Fair Tips campaign

A shameless plug for Unite's campaign, which is well worth supporting. It's always worth checking when paying a bill in a restaurant whether the staff would rather have the tip separate (because some employers snaffle some of it for themselves).

Unite and Daily Mirror launch fair tips campaign

Unite the union and Daily Mirror newspaper are today (Thursday 15th May) launching a campaign to urge restaurants and hotels to sign a fair tips charter.

The campaign is calling on the hospitality industry to support the Unite and Daily Mirror ‘Fair Tips Charter’ to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring tips and services charges are distributed fairly among staff.

Tony Woodley, Unite Joint General Secretary said: "Customers want to see that the tips they leave are going to the hard-working staff who serve them. Our ‘Fair Tips Charter’ will enable people to tip with confidence.

"Employers in the hospitality industry must ensure that all employees receive a decent living wage with 100% of tips added on top. We welcome the commitment by Pizza Hut and TGI Friday’s to take a lead on this issue by signing the charter. The union now wants others within the sector to demonstrate their commitment to a fair and transparent tipping system."

Richard Wallace, Editor Daily Mirror said: "I'm sure many of our readers were astonished to find that it's perfectly legal to pay restaurant staff less than the minimum wage and then make up the difference with tips. This is a loophole that the Government must close.

"It's equally wrong for companies to take a cut of staff tips. A tip is a reward for good service and it should go directly to the people who earned it. The Daily Mirror is proud to support this campaign and I urge all responsible restaurant and hotel bosses to sign up."

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Holly said...

TGI Friday's isn't as profitable as one would think. I have a distant relative that owned one, and had to get restaurant capital funding loans just to pay the franchise fees.