Sunday, 9 March 2008

Galloway drives listeners to despair

How do people write stuff like this without realising how daft they sound? This is a genuine quote from a report of a recent George Galloway speech in Manc:

Not surprisingly, by the time George finished many were in tears.

Well, I think we have all felt like that at times... ;-)


Charlie Marks said...

Yes, but what was the cause of the tears?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, perhaps?

Thankfully, the erstwhile leader of the Labour party won't be touring the country to give us his side of the story...

Phil BC said...

Indeed not.

Incidentally I've taken to listening to Galloway's radio show, and (aside from his occasional forays into religious mysticism) it's really good. Go on Tom, tune in - I defy you not to enjoy it!

Tom P said...

Yeah I know I was being cheeky!

I think Galloway can be quite a good speaker, but in a rather demagogic way.

Charlie Marks said...

If by forays into religious mysticism you mean his faith in god... Or that woman who has some very curious spiritual beliefs.

And Tom, Galloway's "demagogic" style (passionate and compassionate) was once rather common in the Labour party. Alas, nowadays we have the dry statistical sermonising of Gordon Brown, leader of the modernised (that is to say, Toryfied) Labour party and the trite sloganising of his deputies, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Here's a thought: which other rabble-rouser would we like to hear on the radio?

For myself, I'd like to see a late night debate show hosted by Bob Crow and Peter Tatchell.