Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Conference blogging & airport reading

Well, seeing as I am here, bored, and have internet access, I might as well...

Just a quickie to say that whilst waiting for the flight this morning I had a quick read of the new book by Robert Peston (the Beeb's business editor, much better than Jeff Randall) called something like Who Runs Britain. I indulged my usual bad habit when reading business/economics books and turned straight to the section on pension funds. I know it is bad, but I think that if they have an accurate or at least interesting take on the nature and role of pension funds then I feel more comfortable reading the book. Major cognitive bias no doubt!

Anyway the section in Robert Peston's book on pensions is well done. He doesn't fall for any of the simplistic narratives that seeemingly explain why DB schemes have closed. He's also pretty clued up on the politics around pensions reform over the past few years. And he's obviously in thick with Adair Turner (which I think is a good thing by the way).

So based on my entirely unscientific 'read the pensions chapeter first' analysis, I reckon it should be a good book.

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