Monday, 14 January 2008

Cameron on public sector pension 'reform'

From this article on IPE:

"I think that if MPs want to look other state sector employees in the eye, and say we really do need to look at and reform pension arrangements to make them affordable, we have to look at our own arrangements and recognise that a very generous final salary scheme going into the future is not appropriate."

In addition, he said the change would help address the "deeper issue" of the growing divide between public and private sector pension schemes, and argued "that kind of pensions apartheid" should not be allowed to grow up in Britain.

So it is a way to provide cover for an attack on public sector workers' pensions. Bear in mind that the recommendation is that the MPs' scheme goes DC - see page 2 of the doc the Tories launched today and downloadable here - so what do you think they have in mind for the public sector?

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