Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Unite reaction to Virgin named as favourite buyer by Northern Rock

Just a lift from the Unite website:

Graham Godard, Unite Deputy General Secretary said: “We will be meeting with Northern Rock tomorrow afternoon to seek confirmation on the full details of the deal. We are glad the speculation is over but will be looking for all the reassurances we've been demanding. The company are due to sign the Charter that Unite set out last week but at the moment it looks like they are already ticking some of the boxes including job security and a UK successor. On the surface this appears to be a positive move.”


For further information please contact Jody Whitehill 020 7420 8938 or 07768 693956

Unite Charter for Northern Rock and Future Stakeholders

Recognition of Unite as a stakeholder in the future of Northern Rock
To ensure the long term job security for the employees of Northern Rock
To protect and improve terms of employment for employees
To protect the existing pension arrangements
To continue the work of the Northern Rock Foundation
To retain Northern Rock as a UK listed company.

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