Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Fidelity gives the Tories another £25,000

"generally non-partisan" fund manager Fidelity gave the Tories another £25K in July this year. To check it out search for Fidelity under 'donor name' on the Electoral Commission website below.


That makes it £95,000 they have given the Tories this year alone.


Praguetory said...

Why would any player in our finance industry want your shower running the show?

Tom P said...


Err... I'm in the finance industry!

Just to be clear - I would no problem if indiviual directors of Fidelity want to donate to your mob. But as a company I don't think they should support any party.

It also doesn't sit well with best practice amongst institutional shareholders (like Fidelity) in the UK who will normally vote against attempts by investee companies to make party political donations. As a result company donations to parties - as opposed to general political expenditure - are very rare these days.

Praguetory said...

Err... I'm in the finance industry!

But are you a player? ;-)

Tom P said...

errr... no, not really!

to be honest I wouldn't b surprised to see them knock this on the head for purely commercial reasons. if one big Labour-controlled local authority pension fund decides to either drop them or not appoint them on the back of this the cost will be greater than £95k.

sorry to see you are knocking your blogging career on the head. nice blog, despite your politics!

John Gray said...

Good point Tom, I must make some more phone calls.