Friday, 13 July 2007

Now That's What I Call Political Music 2

I posted before about top political tune-age. Here are some new ones. Doomer has suggested some but I only know one of them!

Status Quo - Papa Brittle
This Is The ALF - Conflict
Big A Little A - Crass
Apathy - 1000 Homo DJs
Power In The Blood - Alabama 3
Live Free Or Die - Lard
Renegades Of Funk - Rage Against The Machine cover version
Don't Stand In Line - Pailhead
Invasion - Chumbawamba
Here's Johnny - Blaggers ITA
Crackdown - 25th of May

Doomer's list -

Fugazi - 5 Corporations
Inner Surge - Branding the Muse & When the Door Locks
Dead Prez - 'They' Schools
Amen - Money Infection


John said...

Gaaah - Not Chumba!

Tom P said...

Can't fault your argument, but it's a good choon.

I don't think many of the bands I listed would be Labour supporters to be honest!