Friday, 13 May 2016

Ladbrokes: at it again

Last week Ladbrokes saw a 42% vote against its rem report. This was in response to a termination payment, and the company in turn issued a very solemn statement as part of its AGM results acknowledging the vote.
The Board notes the vote in respect of the Directors 'Remuneration Report. Ladbrokes understands the concerns expressed by some shareholders towards the termination arrangement with Ian Bull.  The Board is very aware of shareholder observations and these will play a key part in the Board's thinking as remuneration is considered for the business going forward and the potential merger with Coral.
Much like last year, when it.... errr... issued a very solemn statement in its AGM results in response to... errr.... a large vote against its remuneration report over... errr.... termination arrangements.
The Board notes the vote in respect of the Directors Remuneration Report. Ladbrokes has spoken with several shareholders about the termination arrangements for Richard Glynn where his contract required that any settlement had to be determined in line with UK damages principles.  The Remuneration Committee confirms that contracts of this type are not appropriate and termination arrangements for the current executive team, including Jim Mullen who was appointed CEO on 1 April 2015, are determined on payment in lieu of notice (PILON) principles in line with best practice.  The Remuneration Committee further notes that Jim Mullen was appointed on a lower salary and shorter notice period than the previous CEO.
I suppose it's an improvement of sorts. Although the underlying behaviour is the same, the company is now making solemn statements. This compares to 2011, when it... err... issued a statement in response to.... errr.... a large vote against the rem report, which said, basically, "whatevs"
We have noted the disquiet expressed by some of our shareholders and have recorded it for future reference.

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